Thursday, April 21, 2011

This weeks thrifty finds

Please don't hate.  Shelley (my sweet cousin)-I can feel you giving me the stink eye...first great buy...a L.A.M.B bag with a gold chain strap...yes, as in Gwen Stefani's line.  How much?  $22.  It was $29, but I had a coupon...that's right-I used a coupon at the DAV.  
Next:  some chuck T's for my baby girl, once she gets a little bigger.  They are size 12 and she's in a 10. 
Also: a vintage bag with tennis rackets
More:  mystery fabric bag (I love these, you never know what's inside)

 what's on the table is only half of what was in the bag.  Lot's of floral.  Loving floral right now.
 A pink 70's dress, with a zipper that goes all the way up the back, great pockets, and shoulder pads, and the best fits!  These next two pictures don't do these items justice.
 Last:  an old lady coat with fur collar and great buttons.  
Love a great bundle.  


  1. Great blog! I love it! I'm a big thrifter and love seeing what others find. Your Restyles are great too.
    New follower from the Fancy Friday blog hop!
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    Carolina Summer

  2. YES, I love thrift-store grab bags, I got some stellar vintage ric-rac in my last one. And that collared jacket is just too fabulous for words.

  3. love that tennis bag! it is sooo 1976! and that coat is gorgeous :) such a great green and the fur looks in good condition.