Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taking in a dress (the easy way)

When I was pregnant, I gained a little weight.  Ok, so I gained a LOT.
 I bought this dress when I was coming down...I got it at Anthropolgie and don't think I have ever worn it.  It's never really fit right.  It used to be tight in the waist and pucker in all the wrong places.  It has always been bigger up top, however I did used to fill it out more.  I hate getting rid of clothes that I like, but haven't worn.  So today I decided to take it in since spring is here, and now I have real expenses to worry about, instead of buying new clothes.  
Here is the easy way to take in a dress.

1.)  Put it on inside out.
2.)  Pin the sides...without pinning yourself.
3.)  Take it off and look at your pin placement.
4.)  Straighten out your pins (unless you want to be more detailed)
5.)  I started sewing from the bottom, because I knew it wouldn't line up perfectly and figured the top was more blousy and I could get away with not being so detailed.
6.)  A few inches below my first pin (a couple inches below the waist) start your new seam-where the old one started.  Start on the outside and sew at an angle toward the first pin.
see the angle?
Here is a picture the opposite angle. Does that make sense?
this is what happens when my bobbin starts to run out of thread.  Dangit! I hate ripping out seams.
7.)  When finished it should look something like this.  You can cut off the excess, or leave it on (if you can't tell) then if you get back on the waffle fry/ donut train again, you can rip out the seam and still wear it!
There you have it!  Put it back on the right way and it should fit much better.
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