Thursday, July 10, 2014

What a "Treat" indeed

I think just about everyone has heard of Shutterfly and used them at some point for prints, but Treat was something new to me.  It's part of the Shutterfly brand and great for sending cards!  It's fantastic really.  We have Grandparents and family that live out of town and this is the easiest way to send personalized cards in a flash.

Seriously, I made this one for my stepdaughter in less than 10 minutes. 
It's also cheaper than most cards at the grocery store...and they send them FOR YOU.  Crazy, huh?  Even can set reminders (and even import them through Facebook) and they will actually send you a reminder for that special occasion.  Because no one ever forgets right?  You can write a personal message inside and there is even room on the back for a tiny photo.

I made this canvas below for my son.  Kind of a "treat" to the end of his season.  He is at that age where he hates getting his picture taken, but he sure loves to look at pictures of himself.  He was super excited to see this hanging up in his room. 
I think it's pretty cute if I do say so myself.  Thank you Treat!  Go visit them!  They are having a sale right now on cards 3 for $6.  I'll be going back for a personalized coffee mug.  One can never have too many of those!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

A little flag inspiration and giant Thank You for all who have served.  Proud to be an American and super proud of all the veterans in family.

xoxo, Amy

Monday, May 19, 2014

Music Monday-Girl Crush

Late 80s early 90s I listened to absolutely nothing but hip hop and rap.  That was it.  As I get older I'm listening to just about everything but rap.  You know..."they don't make rap music like they used to" has come across my mind several times, and then I feel old and can't believe what I'm saying.

I know the problem is me and here's why.  I'm out of the scene.  I don't work in a record store.  I have little kids.  My kids can't keep a secret.  Like that one time I let them listen to a Too Short song and I swore them to secrecy and then they ratted me out (but let it be noted they loved the beat and still ask me to play it...must find edited version).  I listen to the radio.  

I was going to post this a while back and completely forgot about it.  Right now it's getting a ton of radio play so I thought it was perfect to get me revved up me for my week.  It also reminds me to watch clueless with my daughter someday.  As if.

So without further ado- this is what I'll be rockin in pickup line.

Happy Monday,
Mother of the year


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