Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lack of better judgement

So, about 12-13 years ago I was fresh out of college and had my first "grown up" job, had just bought my first house, and I made the super smart decision to buy a 65 Cadillac.  I knew nothing about old cars, except for the fact that I thought they were way cool and I must have one.  The grown up job I had was selling them, therefore I knew what I was doing.  I still remember being so proud as I turned in my demo (my free brand new car from the dealer) and pulled up in my hooptie (smart huh?).  All of my homies loved it.  Everyone else had no problem telling me what a stupid move I had made.  It was a great deal.  Since I could pocket the demo allowance I figured it was a smart investment.

Not really, because old cars need to be owned by people who can work on them.  Fortunately, I never did sink a bunch of money into it.  Unfortunately, it got horrible gas mileage and was never dependable.  I used it to go to craft fairs and sell my homeade candles.  After all, I could put an 8 foot table in the trunk, and perhaps a couch.  You could also fit several friends inside to go out long as you had jumper cables.

It has been more than neglected as I have grown up, gotten married, had kids, and have been forced into responsible living and driving repsonsible cars with seatbelts that work.  Every year or two my hubby hooks up a charger, or changes the battery and it still fires right up.  We take it for a spin, then park it to collect dust and mold for another year or two.

I have been working on several house projects (that's why I have been neglecting my blog) because I am ready to move out of this "supposed to have been a starter house" and find a real grown up house with more than two bedrooms and a bathroom I can turn around in.  One of the projects was to clean out the shed.  So my nice hubby threw a new battery in it, and sure enough, she started right up!  I was so excited!

See?  Mucho excited.  It always makes me so happy.  It makes me think that I NEVER want to sell it.

I didn't want  anyone to steal it (we live in the hood and a 65 Caddy is a hot commodity) so after the hubs filled it gas we parked it back in the driveway.  The next day my stepdad came over to help me schlep stuff out of my shed and fill his truck with garbage.  I went to start it (proudly) and the old son of a biyotch started throwin' flames out from under the hood.  The bastard was on fire!  No one got hurt, the hose was nearby.  Kids did get a little scared.  "Da Caddiwac ids on Fiwr"

My stepfather still thinks it's quite funny that I would actually think someone would steal the piece of shiz....and in my defense...they totally would.
It's hard to tell, but behind the beast is our shed and you can see some of the junk I'd already pulled out. We had to move everything around it (and everything was two truckloads of crap).  The little fire made the brakes lock up and we couldn't even push it out of the way.  Now for the creme de la creme...hubby gets home from work, we tell him the story, he goes outside...and what do you know...STARTS RIGHT UP!  Oh, and it's parked in the street in case anyone wants it.
The story ends with my son knowing how to spot a Cadillac out and about.  And, they are all "shiny" he says, unlike ours.  The end.


  1. YYYEEEESSS this car is bee-yoo-ti-ful. Unrelated: I really like your glasses.

  2. You have given me an asthma attack and made me almost pee my pants from laughing so hard!!!!

    Ok... why did I not know about this?!?!?!?!

  3. That car is worth a lot in the hood! Thanks for linking up at Fancy Friday. Have a good week!