Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So a couple months ago I was thrifting and found what I thought just might be...a Burberry trench.  I have wanted one for ages and back when I traveled for work I even went into the Chicago store and tried one on for shiz and grins.  Needless to say I did not buy it.  It felt like butter and fit like a glove...but $1200 was and is too steep for this broke chic.

Back to story...I pick it a once over...put it back (I do this a couple times)...go back...pick it up again...try it on.  I thought no, can'  I look it over, it has great detail, but a stain on the back.  I call the hubs, he says "watcha got to lose"?  I says "40% off $14.95".  He says "well there's your answer".  SOLD!

I get it dry cleaned and then wet cleaned (for $10 because I waited for the coat sale, yeah me) and the stain is hardly visible.  I take it to our local Burberry and guess's the real deal.  Keep in mind, the gals can't "authenticate" but she happens to have her own 1980's trench and says "yup, you scored alright"!  Good enough for me.  Don't get me wrong, would still love to have a new one that has the sleeves that actually go all the way to end of my arm, but I will take what I can get.  Besides, nothing is ever long enough, so I am used to it...I'll push them up, and do what I do big girl in a little coat.

Isn't she purdy?  Could not be more stoked to have found a link party for thrifting, am so giddy!  Check and here.


  1. Great find!!!! Love it when I found something so wonderful at the thrift-makes me feel pretty good too:) Enjoy it!!

    xo, B from Love Fox

  2. Lock your doors. I'm coming to steal, I mean, look at it :D

    I need to start going with you to thrift b/c my stores typically stink :(


  3. what a great find!
    (if the sleeves are too short you could do the "burberry" latest trend and do leather sleeves... i'm just saying) ;) crafty mind