Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

First of all, I missed a day this week.  I mean, I am literally minus Thursday.  I thought yesterday was Tuesday and today was Wednesday.  Thank God my hubby was nice enough to let me know that tomorrow is indeed Friday.  I have two appointments that can't be missed.  One being my third interview with a company that I have already had an interview with and taken two tests for.  That would have been really, really bad to have missed.  I am kind of bummed though...there is no job better than being at home.

Have I mentioned that I love to thrift?  I could do it all day...everyday.  My stinkers make it difficult to really scour the racks like I used to, but I can usually scope out the good things fast.  Here are this weeks scores.
Arctique vintage water cooler, luggage (I thought it might make a great camera bag), and a lock box.  I  love a vintage lock box and have quite a few. 
 Some great vintage glasses with purple etching.  They had 5, but 2 had been run through the diswasher (if you ever buy vintage glasses DON'T wash them in the dishwasher, after too many washes you will eventually wash away any design they once had and they get scratchy). 
I can hardly ever walk away from a fur.  I looooove furs!  I did walk away from a mens leather jacket and am still thinking about it.  Sometimes I just can't bring myself to pay what they are asking.  My rule is to walk away and if I still think about after a few days, I might go back.  If it already sold, it wasn't meant to be.  Not very happy now...I want my Thursday back.

I am happy however that I found a thrift party!


  1. Don't worry, I never know what day of the week it is either. I like your luggage bag especially much, I scored a $3 similarly shaped carpet bag that I've been using as a purse the past couple weeks. I wouldn't suggest doing this.

  2. That's it. The next time you're here I'm making you go with me.

  3. Let's go Shelley, I'm down. I found my prom dress at a Wichita thrift for $35. And Katie...I loooooove carpet bags. You need to show us!

  4. I have a thrift party every Thursday, Thrifty Adventures!!! Hope to see you, these are great finds!!

  5. Uh-maxing finds. I have a total fur problem too! I somehow collected 4 fur coats this winter...yikes. They're just so glamorous!