Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bubba's Birthday

5 years ago life changed forever.  For instance...the minute I started writing this yesterday...I started crying.  Dangit.  Let me put my game face on.  Whew.  You were 9lbs 4oz and 21" long.  I didn't think I would ever survive...but somehow you made all the pain go away.
Jeremy Dean 
    This is how you sucked your thumb.
This is how happy your daddy was.  And not just because I had you during march madness.
This is how handsome you were.
this is how ornery you were.  Don't worry, still not as ornery as that sister of yours!
This is how much you liked your 1st cake.
This is how kissable your face was.

and now you are this big.  i am going to cry again now.  momma loves you Bubba.


  1. I'm a blubbering mess!!! I LOVE YOU JEREMY!!! MUAH!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your little guy!!!


  3. Aww he is too cute!

    When I had my little one I would always roll my eyes at people saying "make the most of it, they grow up so fast" - now I am the one attempting to impart this wisdom on new mums!