Monday, January 13, 2014

Put some jewels on it.

I have a box of vintage jewelry pieces I am trying to sort through that came from a friends mothers estate. I am loving all these Gatsby period pieces from the 1920s.  Learning quite a bit too.  Jewelry has never been my forte.  I love thinking about the time and energy women of that period put into getting dressed.  Could you imagine?  I am so addicted to leggings and being comfortable.  I take off my wedding ring the minute I walk in the door.  I would have never made it back then!

Here are a few takes on modernizing these vintage pieces I might have to try though.

The weather is nice here.  It's in the mid 40s and feels great.  Hopefully it stays nice enough to lift this winter funk that the cold weather has brought with it.  Stay happy folks.  Tuesday will be here before you know it!

Here's a little pick me up for your Monday.  He's my new fave.  My daughter learned to snap so it's a must we listen to finger snappin' music.



  1. I'm an old bling lover from way back....can't get enough of the stuff, & I love to wear it. Those pieces are just beautiful! I especially love pic 2. Divine! Xx

  2. Thank you! Yes, I loooving those!

  3. That first bracelet is yummy, yummy... I just gave Izzy my old prom costume jewelry. She is rocking it far better than I ever could have.