Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

I haven't posted many thrift posts lately and it's certainly not for lack of thrifting.  We have our house on the market...still...and it's a nightmare trying to keep it clean.  So I haven't taken many good photos after my thrift adventures.   Here's a little peak at some of my finds.
 That's a full set of Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets, with curtains and 2 bedspreads.  Some tree curtains...because, well...because I couldn't say no, and a few dresses.
some pink snack sets and 2 Club pots.  My mom had Club pots and they bring back such good memories.  I rarely see them, but when I do, I can't resist.  So far I have a couple pink ones, a light blue and now these two!
My son spotted this trampoline and my sister in law has been needing one.  They are crazy expensive brand new and they use it for their pool in the summer.  It's caused numerous fights, a lot of yelling, and is used to threaten them into good behavior.  Probably wasn't a great idea to bring it home first. It is fun though.  And see the pink hula hoop?  Another score.

A melamine serving dish, I have little saucer in the same pattern.  I can't seem to pass up these old vinyl cases.  I have good intentions to paint them or something...just haven't gotten around to it.
 These amazing little white dresses for my stinker.
and this one for me!  Anyone find any good stuff lately? I would love to hear, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!  xoxo, Amy


  1. I love those pink snack dishes!! I'm dying to find fun 'party serving' stuff thrifting. Seems like you've got a great haul there :)

  2. I like the tree curtains. I'm always looking out for dresses. I found a nice little serving dish the other day.

  3. The pink dishes are heavenly indeed.... great finds. The little 'stinker' dresser are awewome too ;)

  4. Love those dresses! I haven't been thrifting in months, which is amazing considering how often I used to go. Once classes are over, I'm sure I'll be back at the local thrift shop again!