Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Today is my beautiful step-daughter's birthday.  Our September and October are crazy with birthdays.  My daughter, myself, and my husband all have September bdays and then October 1st is Jenny's.  My last post I went on and on about my own baby growing up too fast...but let's face it, you have grown up the quickest.  I met you when you were 5, and I look back at how quick these past 12 years have gone...and pretty soon you will be out of highschool.  Your brother and sister adore you.  My favorite thing is waking up to random phone pics you've taken without my knowledge.  They are always such a nice surprise.  Thanks for being you.  While I didn't birth, I love you just the same.  Thank you for being so good to the little ones...for watching Disney movies, for letting Sammy fix your hair, for sharing your milk duds with Jeremy.  You are my biggest stinker, and I am proud to be your step-momma.  Happy 17th birthday sweet girl! Muah!


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