Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tour de BBQ 2012

After months of preparation...I completed the 62 mile Tour de BBQ.  OK, so I didn't prepare for months...I was rather ill prepared and it showed when this loser was riding circles around me (not kidding).  There were also times when he literally grabbed my jacket and pulled me up enormous hills because my slowness was killing him.  Or maybe it was because I was crying inside and he knows that...because those are things big brothers are supposed to know.  

 This was at the 22 mile mark.  I was feeling good thinking I had this little ride in. the. bag.  Inside I was thinking the worst of the hills were over with.  In reality they had only just begun.  There is nothing like seeing hill after hill for the next 10 miles and then seeing bikers looping back and coming towards you.  Whoever maps out these rides should know it's a huge kick in the nads to have to go back the same brutal way you came.  Especially if the route is full of hills.  It was crazy and still my brother was riding around like he was Lance freaking Armstrong.  There were a couple points in the ride when I thought I could take no more.  Mile 30 and mile 50 were the worst.  So I put my cigarette out, poured out my vodka, and switched to water (I kid).  We did finish, this was no big deal for him, but so far my longest ride.

after the ride.

Things I learned:
1. Kansas City hills are no joke.
2. It's ok to blow your nose while riding...without a tissue.
3. They call those "snot-rockets" and luckily I didn't get hit by any.
4. Shammy's are shorts with pads in the butt.  I've owned a pair for years but didn't know what bikers call them.
5. Bike gear is crazy expensive.  I had to get cold riding gear last minute.
6. 40 degrees is extremely cold on a bike.
7. My brother is in way better shape than me.  I mean way better shape.
8. It's important to train before these things.  And that means riding more than your daily route.
9. You can burn a lot of calories which gives you free reign to eat a 12 pound donut filled with pudding completely guilt free.
10. I actually got more sore cleaning my filthy house yesterday than riding 60 miles.  Truth.
A sweet Specialized vintage bike I saw at a garage sale last week for $100.  It was too small.
The sweet specialized I will most likely never own...unless I win the lotto...or sell a kidney.

Happy Thursday!  And, thank you Uncle Jeremy for taking me on the sweetest, longest, coldest, bbq filled bike ride!



  1. Kudos to you! I would have died. I want to sign up for a 5k in Jan so I have time to train. That's cool that you and your brother did this together!

  2. Bwah hahaha!!! This post had me struggling to not pee my pants :D I'm so proud of you!!! Your brother is a freak, we've all known that for years ;) I love you!!!

  3. Such nice comments, but I think I need to clarify some things. The pulling on your jacket was a deep belief that you were hiding candy from me, I was just trying to pull your sleeve pocket off. The riding around you was solely to confuse you so when the next BBQ stop came, I would get both servings allotted to us. You are a biking champ and a superstar sister! New York Gran Fondo 2013!!!