Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stoked for Sunnies

I have been wanting prespcription sunglasses for. like. ever.  I've never bit the bullet because they are just as expensive as regular glasses and as we all know they will eventually get lost, broken, stolen, left somewhere or use as kindling.  But not anymore.  I had never heard of Firmoo until they contacted me about there free glasses program.  After reading through their website I was pretty impressed.  They actually offer free eyewear (yes free)  to help the less fortunate and folks with low income correct their vision.  I love this.  And their regular prescription glasses are priced so low people who like to have mulitple pairs now can.  I only update my glasses every few years for cost reasons alone.  I didn't realize how different my old prescription was until I put on my new Firmoo's.

Without further ado.  Here's is my goofy self portraits with my new shades.  They are a bit gangsta.  If I had time I would have added one of those gold chains.  I still might.  Because it would be bad.

This is the next pair I need.  So I can fulfill my inner hippy now that my inner gangsta is satisfied.
Go check them out.  Firmoo.  Their customer service was great and I got them super quick.

Seeing clearly now,


  1. Eeeee!!! I love them! They are so you too. I keep wanting to upgrade from my $6 shades, but haven't been able to bring myself to do it. I'll go check them out!