Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I "dye" DIY

I've been wanting to dye some vintage slips forever.  My kids did a tie-dye project at daycare and wanted to do some of their own at home.  I figured while the dye was was as good a time as any to do my own.  I have some vintage slips that are stained so I wanted to see if the dye would cover it up.  As far as covering up the stains...not so much.  But they are harder to spot now.  This started out light blue.  If I was thinking I would have taken a before shot.

It has a marbled effect that's hard to see in the photos but looks pretty cool.  Since I had a huge pot of dye I thought I would give it another go with a stained tablecloth.  Note: the stain still shows through but it does look much better with it's new color. 

The only things you need for this project is some dye, a big spoon, water and a big pot.  I soaked the darkest part the longest, probably about 20 minutes longer than the rest and gradually added more.  Simply find the middle of the tablecloth and gather it, dip the ends in the pot and drape the rest over the side being careful not to touch the burners.  This project was super fun.  I stocked up on a bunch of other colors so when I get some time and I am going to get crazy.

Ready for the weekend.  It's hot and I cannot believe my son started soccer practice again tonight.  It was 100+.  Way too hot for me.  Excited for tomorrow.  Meeting my dear friend Kari for lunch to catch up.  We played basketball together in college and I love that after all these years we still keep in touch through our monthy lunches and weekly emails.  When you get older it's the little things in life that keep us girls going and get us through the work weeks.  Thanks for that are a peach!

Happy Wednesday ya'll!  My kids are back to destroying my somewhat clean house.  Why is it so fun for them to torment me? Me: "It's time for bed".  Sammy: "but i matin da mess maw maw".


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  1. It looks great! All of them :)I've wanted to dye a couple things but been nervous because I didn't want to end up dying the floor in the apartment.

    xo Amber P.