Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friday Faves-Coachella

I have been wanting to go to Coachella since I heard about it years ago.  Unfortunately I know attending is not in my near future.  My niece went this year so I hooked her up with some great vintage dresses.  Can't wait to see her pictures.  She was in VIP so I know they will be good.  I want to go not just for the music...but for the fashion eye candy.  I am a people watcher so I would be in hippie heaven.  

Don't hate.  If I had a body like Chanel Iman I would wear my studded leathers too.  

It's Friday! I am need of a weekend.  We are going to the famous Stroud's restaurant tonight for dinner.  My husband bet a friend on the outcome of the Master's so we get a free dinner.  Wahoo (that's my daughters new favorite word).  Winner winner chicken dinner!  For reals.  If you ever come to KC...make it a point to go there.  Assuming you like things like fried chicken, steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and cinnamon rolls.  And if you like gizzards and livers...they have the best. Hands down.



  1. That totally looks right up your alley! Yum..... Strouds!!!

  2. Yum, Stroud's sounds so good! The girls in the top picture look like they need to eat some fried!

  3. coachella looks like a style heaven. I like all the boho hippie grunge rock looks, very chic. It's fun to people watch.


  4. Yeah, Coachella has great outfits! I would love to go and take pictures of everyone. That restaurant sounds pretty amazing!