Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY Feathered Headdress

I did this guest post over at Smmidge awhile back...and thought I would share it here since I can't get enough of headdresses!
Here is a super easy under an hour project.  I love me a quick craft.  I got the inspiration from Cloth Magazine but frankly didn't have the time or patience (right now) to do it.  I wanted instant gratification and this one required a lot of handsewing and a TON of feathers and trim!  I did put it in the archives because it's too great not too!

Here is the easy method!

 The Supplies:
  • glue gun-2- sticks of glue or more
  • feathers (I used 3 different sizes)
  • scissors
  • trim (I chose sequins)-optional
  • felt- you can also use this instead of leather if you don't use as many feathers!
  • elastic for closure (I used stretchy lace)
  • scrap leather-about 8" long and 4" wide (wide enough to double over the feathers you are gluing)

lay out your leather and start gluing the smallest feathers first...starting in the middle and working your way out.

add your bigger feathers over the small ones.  This takes  alot of glue!

Once you have a sufficient amount of feathers add a LOT of hot glue and fold the leather over the feathers. *make sure and leave a little opening at the ends to add your elastic or tie. 

 I cut about 6 inches of stretchy lace for each I could tie it in a bow.

Now, lay out your embellishments.  You really don't even have to do this step but these sequins were calling my name.  I didn't like the orange leather so cut a piece of felt with scalloped edges to cover it as well.  I just hot glued them down.

There are no rules! Play around with it and add your own touch.

Here is one I made for my son with nothing but felt, feathers, glue and elastic.  

If you make your own...I want to see it!


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  1. These are so much fun, I've got to make Izzy one! Seriously, how cute does Sammy Sam look in it!!!

  2. I love it! I dare say some little Guppies are going to be running around with some of these very soon. Your blog is looking tight, Amy!

  3. i love this! looks fabulous!

    come visit me at my blog anytime!



  4. What a fun headdress. I bet they loved them. Great work. Jodi @

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for linking up to Made With Love!