Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thrifted Thursdays

I have to swear off thrifting for a bit and get busy selling.  I have the sickness...the-cannot pass up a thrift store sickness.  Kansas City has such wonderful spots it's just sooooo hard to pass up!
 this little pup is a painting on velour!
a lovely sheer cream dress.

a little shabby chic goodness: vintage blanket, pillow cases, place mats, embroidery, plate, and book of proverbs.
and what kind of mother would I be if I passed up a yoda t-shirt for the boy?  Not a very good one that's for sure.  This sweet boy has to get a laryngoscopy and is having his adenoids taken out Friday.  He has always had a raspy voice so they are checking eveything out while he is under anesthesia.  I love his cute little voice, hoping it's just the way he was made.  Send prayers his way...shouldn't be a big deal...but I still don't like it.   I've promised him ice cream all weekend to make up for it.   Maybe the doctor will give me some of the gas so I can get through it...I think it's only fair.


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  1. I love the linen. I need to start selling too (well I have started but I need to stop buying more!). All the best for your son's procedure. I am sure it will all go well. Sherry :)

  2. What?!?! Of course we'll be praying for him. All will be ok. Poor guy! Give him extra smooches and hugs from me :) And, let me know how everything goes.

  3. Oh my goodness! I, RIGHT NOW< am on a THRIFTING diet. I cannot go to any sales (estate, garage, thrift store) until I've reached my goal sale amount in my etsy shop. It's SO hard. But this has encouraged me to list, list, list, so it has been a good thing. But, it's also the hardest diet I've ever been on. :( I'm such a bargain addict. xo

  4. @salvaged strawberry. Wow, a thrifting diet. I am going to do it. I needed some inspiration to get busy! Thanks!

  5. hullo lovely lady!! you are loved - i have nominated you for the liebster blog award! you can find the details on my blog post here:

    my dear watson

  6. Wow, that's a big deal. I always worry about the girls needing surgery...scary! The last time I saw Jeremy was at Shelley's baby shower, so obviously he's more grown up, but it's funny how you keep kids the same age in your mind as the last saw them...and he was so cute in all of his chubby goodness!! Good luck and prayers coming your way!

  7. I love that sheer dress! It's so delicate and pretty. That yoda shirt is pretty bad-ass, I must say. What a trooper your son is. He will deserve a whole gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Unless he doesn't like that flavor, which would make him crazy.


  8. great buys! i seem to have the same sickness. . .

  9. I love all of your stuff, most especially that gorgeous cream dress.

  10. My favorite is the yoda shirt

    I need to locate some thrify stores around kansas City , so when i visit my sister we can shop , thrift

  11. Praying for a speedy recovery for the lil lad!