Monday, March 12, 2012

Woot Woot! It's a giveaway!

Has anyone seen this website?  I must be late to the party because I just heard about it and they were rated one of the top 10 social apps along with pinterest.  I mean come on, I don't know about you, but I looove me some pinterest.
The best news?  They are giving away a $20 gift certificate and anyone who enters the giveaway gets 20% off.  Things are already marked just the 20% off is icing on the cake.  You must check it out...

I saw a bokeh set on this site two days ago when I first found out about it and didn't buy it. I am kicking myself now. It works kind of like groupon does, the sales last for a few days and then that's it. This set was on sale for $20. I am still mad about it!

And then they had these on sale!
So what I am saying is...I am pretty stoked about this website.  
So, to recap: sneakpeeq is giving away 20% off your next purchase just for entering, plus a chance at the Grand Prize:  one winner will receive a $20 gift card to use on your favorite food, style and home products—that goes a long way in sneakpeeq’s amazingly low-priced boutiques!

sneakpeeq only has New Products! Enter the giveaway by clicking on this link: and joining sneakpeeq!  It's super easy...just sign in through facebook. All winners will be announced on my blog on March 26th!  You have to click on that link...or you won't be entered!

Do it!


  1. This looks like it's similar to Heartsy. I'll check it out! [BTW, some of your images for this post aren't showing up!)

  2. Done and done! That bokeh set was friggin awesome!