Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifted Thursdays with a side of Thrifting 101

I've been wanting to start a camera collection for a while.  The other day I was riding my bike and came across a garage sale.  I figured I would pull in and see what they had.

There was two polaroid cameras sitting on the table along with an Argoflex seventy five.  There was another guy there (a neighbor...and a little drunk) and he said he had some of his own at home.  I rode as fast as I could back to my house to get my money!  This is what I ended up with.
I have a buddy at work who goes to auctions on the weekends.  We were talking about our finds and he said he too came across some cameras.
 Two Brownies!  One is a movie camera and the other is a 35mm.

A Weston Master II Universal Exposure Meter.  Needless to say, they are mine now!  

Now on to the Thrifting 101 part... two super quick tips:  

1.) Find other thrifters and junkers and talk shop! 
It's kind of the ol' two heads are better than one deal.  Have you ever watch American Pickers?  More often than not they end up trading one of their finds...for another.  For the most part thrifters and collectors are always looking to add to their collections.  It's even better to find folks who have different taste than yours.  Tell them what you are looking for.  If they don't have a love for it like you do...they will let it go cheap, just as you would if you found something you know would mean a lot to them.  If anyone spots a 1980s lite me!

2.)  It's never too late to start a collection. 
I've been in love with globes for quite some time and never...I mean never see them!  Then, one day I see two!  I found one at the thrift store by my work...and another, smaller one by my house.  Both light up...and look fab in my kids room.  Even though I only have's only a matter of time before I find others.  

Hope everyone has a gem of a Thursday.
Peace out party rockers!

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  1. great tips! not everyone catches the thrifting bug but those who do, DO! we get passionate about our collections. =)

  2. Despite all the crap I own, I don't actually collect anything specific. I did collect Beanie Babies as a kid (and still have them!), but that's about it. I just...hoarded things as a kid/early teen and am now trying to clear most of it out.

  3. Funny, I just started buying globes myself. So far I have two, but definately want to add to the collection. I even found one that has a tanish cream colored background instead of blue...kind of cool! Are you looking for more cameras? I'll keep my eye out for you, but you can't have the globes! LOL

  4. How cool! I can't wait to start back garage sailing since it's warming up again. I have to lie to my work so I can get off Saturday mornings. I tell them I'm taking an online course. haha. That's bad, right?

    P.S. I own a LiteBright :)

  5. Wow! That's awesome!

  6. Great cameras !!! Nathans mom would love these...she has a huge camera collection:)
    Keep thrift-ing :) Francine
    ps. Now following:)