Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The dresses find me

They really do.  I think they see me coming and poke their little collars and crazy fabric out of the racks and say "pick me pick me"!  This is my booty from last weeks trip to thrift.

 Yes, it's velvet and it's lovely, and best of actually fits me!
 see the pleats by the waist?  Yes!  Oh, and those are little hearts in the print.
 Some eighties fab with side buttons.
 I've had a couple of these "Jenny" label dresses and they have never disappointed.  This one is a bit small and will probably end up in the shop.  
 It' s not a real thrift if I don't find something for my girl.

Now it's time to get to work.  I have some major updates to tend to!

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Happy Thrifting,


  1. eep... i know the post was about dresses but THAT BLOUSE!!! just, amazing.


  2. Love them all!! Esp. that tooled leather purse..drooling :P

  3. I like all your thrift finds, the hand bag is beautiful...I have a similar leather bag inherited from my granny. The dresses are fabulous too,it's hard to find such treasure at our thrift stores,


  4. I'm in love with the black'n'white dress <3

  5. OHMYGOSH, these are great! I haven't been thrifting as much (moreso selling!), but I did pick up some cool stuff the other week from my usual stomping grounds.

    New blog!

  6. That 80's dress with the side buttons is nifty! Great finds!

  7. I love looking through all the dresses. I was shocked last month to find an identical twin to my dress from my first college dance, circa 1990. I love how many memories cam flooding back when I saw it!

  8. Those bags are just amazing!!! Great finds overall!

  9. The red velvet dress looks AMAZING! love the purses too!

  10. Such beautiful finds. The red dress is to die for.... I'm jealous haha. Great blog!