Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thrift Score

It seems like I always find things in groups.  For instance I see one dress, than another, and then another and so on.  Here's a the newest additions to my Etsy shop.

above is the front.
isn't the back pretty?

love this business dress.  Reminds me of Anchorman...and my mom.  It's navy with red pinstripes. 
this 70's gray dress has little purple birds in the fabric.
and pretty cap sleeves.
I kept thinking I would cut the bottom off this black prairie dress and make it mini.  I went ahead and posted it on Etsy...but still having second thoughts on keeping it and taking it up.

black, sequins and pleats...yes please. 

back to finding things in sets...I found all three of these 80's jackets on the same rack.
this is a royal blue Kasper for A.S.L. and would be super cute with black leggings.  The pictures on the dress form just don't do them justice.
I am loving this double button white blazer. 

and this piece made it all worth while...
 a Saks Fifth Avenue bolero jacket
with gold buttons and braided trim....and shoulder pads.  The shoulder pads make me smile.

This is one of two prairie blouses.  Again with the groups.

check out the sleeves!
Sorry about the photo quality.  My camera has been dropped one too many times and my good/old camera eats through batteries like me through donuts.  Not pretty.  Happy Wednesday.  Both of my kids have strep throat and I'm thinking about hitting up the redbox for a little movie marathon.

look at these miserable faces.  No worries.  The worst is over.  They have antibiotics and are asking for junk food today.

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  1. Waaaa... I don't like seeing my babies with sad faces :( Give them kisses and hugs for me! And get yourself a good stiff drink for powering through 2 sick kiddos!

    You should TOTALLY keep the black dress and cut it off!!!

  2. poor little ones, hope they feel better soon. I love all the dresses, they're so beautiful!


  3. Thank you so much for linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!

  4. Really love the purple dress, and the black lace one, and the bird one is fantastic too. Great finds indeed!

  5. I love that first dress in particular, great colour and shape x