Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crash and Burn

This has been one crazy week.  The first week I started working from home (just 2 weeks ago) I was super excited to have TIME to do things, like blog, craft, work on my Etsy shop....start painting around the house.  Just typical stuff...oh and nap!  I love to nap.  I have taken one nap in 2 weeks, my Etsy shop is getting there, my basement is clean, no painting has been done, and my kids and I have both taken our fair share of time outs.  

Ahhhh, now I see the week ahead of me and realize I just need to slow down and take things a day at a time.  I just know this whole being at home thing won't last forever, so I feel like i have to hurry up and get things accomplished all while making sure my daughter has had her daily cheese intake (she has brought me two pieces of sliced cheese and now found the bag of shredded since I began this post).  I have to remember that above all else-this is the important stuff and my first priority.  Cheese time.

This has been a killer week on the thrift side.  A few weeks ago I scored what I thought might be a Burberry trench from a thrit store.  It had a small stain on the back and was on sale (yeehaw).  So, as I'm on the phone with the hubs he tells me "gamble, what cha got to lose?" I did, and yesterday I took it to the local Burberry and asked really nicely if they would just take a peek...guess's the real deal!  I will post pics later! 

About a month ago I was tired, exhausted from working all week and decided to start Friday night pizza night.  I am cheap, and we don't eat out often so this was excepted by all happily.  Good thing is, papa johns is next door to the DAV...what's a girl to do?  

In 15 minutes this is what I got...a mens tweed type coat with a faux fur collar, 3 fur coats (one of which was FREE), a trench with fur lining, a great big stuffed deer that has caused numerous fighting and hitting between the kids, a couple more stuffed animals, a pair of little boy cowboy boots, and the slinky dog on Toy Story.  Best of all, the total bill was $56!  
This one is the most of course it doesn't fit me.  
This one does...almost.  Not sure if I had to pee since my legs are crossed, or was about to fall down since I was wearing heels.  The giddiness on my face is still there.  Will be back later!

Partying here


  1. That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, you are one hot momma!

    You know how we were talking about sprucing up our blogs? Check mine out, I totally jacked it up. It's all messed up. I can't get my old format back because I didn't save it. I want to cry. Mike doesn't understand. Ugh. It's like when you get a really big zit. Everyone says don't pop it, leave it alone. And what did I do?! I POPPED IT!!!! Now I'm left with an ugly monster scar. I'm off to go cry some more.

  2. I love the coats, and you look like a model in that last pic! I thought it was an ad from a magazine! Way to score the goodies for c-h-e-a-p! Awesome!

    And, how fantastic about the Burberry coat!! Yay!

    Maegan :)

  3. I love your header! And you're right, the cake balls were gone a LONG time ago!