Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally, Stacey's wedding, might want to grab a tissue.

 The Aunt and Uncle, professional gift givers...of fart machines, and really good books.

 Jeremy and Izzy, I think she is giving him the brush off.
 Sweet baby girl.  I love this child!
I love this picture.  Best Grandma ever.  Jeremy was looking over my shoulder and pointed to her and said "I like her".  I said who, he said "her, Grandma Jones...I like her".  I do too buddy.
The rest of the photos are here


  1. I miss her so much. It's funny that you mentioned Jeremy saying that. Just yesterday Izzy came in from playing in the living room and said Gi-Gi over and over. I think Gi-Gi might have been checking in on her.

  2. For real, they have an intuition. When I saw this pic, I froze and started to well up. I have a ton more that I really need to go through.