Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The sounds of two year old form.

Shelley inspired me to jot down all the wonderful words my baby is saying.  She went from not talking at all to talking in short sentences.  Jeremy was the same way.  Both slow talkers, but once they started, well you know the deal.  I wish I could remember more right now, but this is the daily stuff.

Nana:  The beloved pacifier that only mommy and daddy give her.  She doesn't take one at daycare, we however cave at the first whine.  In my defense, she is a Schleicher, and is really loud.
Where Papa?  She says this all day every day...even in the middle of the night when she wakes up crying and we are trying to convince her to go back to sleep.
Wat dat? Every day, all day, about everything.
woweece wah:  Police car (we see them daily in the hood)
did it.
wook it mommy.
nit noun: sit down
way wif me mommy, way wown wif me.
uppy mommy: this was one of Jeremy's regulars too.
Bubba bite, KC bite me  (she is a story teller, usually this is NOT true, she has also been known to bite herself)
tandy: Candy, one of the words she says really good!
Wubba it me: Bubba hit me (typically this happens after Bubba has been hit numerous times by her, he really has shown a great deal of self control.)
Ansh Jooosh: Orange Juice
Ah foostee:  I'm thirsty

Character traits:  Currently Sammy is a bit of a tattle tale.  She comes running in with so much gusto wrist cocked finger pointed and she will rat you out quicker than you can say tandy (candy).  You could also find this child in a corner eating her way through a candy bar...think Dava Carvey-Saturday Night Live. 

Jeremy is a lover, a sweet soul, and the Michael Jordan of trains...and crafting.

No one was harmed in these photos.  Just keepin it real.

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