Monday, May 19, 2014

Music Monday-Girl Crush

Late 80s early 90s I listened to absolutely nothing but hip hop and rap.  That was it.  As I get older I'm listening to just about everything but rap.  You know..."they don't make rap music like they used to" has come across my mind several times, and then I feel old and can't believe what I'm saying.

I know the problem is me and here's why.  I'm out of the scene.  I don't work in a record store.  I have little kids.  My kids can't keep a secret.  Like that one time I let them listen to a Too Short song and I swore them to secrecy and then they ratted me out (but let it be noted they loved the beat and still ask me to play it...must find edited version).  I listen to the radio.  

I was going to post this a while back and completely forgot about it.  Right now it's getting a ton of radio play so I thought it was perfect to get me revved up me for my week.  It also reminds me to watch clueless with my daughter someday.  As if.

So without further ado- this is what I'll be rockin in pickup line.

Happy Monday,
Mother of the year

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