Friday, August 2, 2013

To market we go!

I had a great time last weekend at the Strawberry Swing Indie Market.  I ran into some old artsy friends from years ago and unloaded a ton of vintage suitcases.   It's fun to see the same faces at these markets years later.  It's encouraging too.  Sometimes I question what I am doing as far as the vintage and handmade and wonder if it's all worth it.  After this past weekend I'm thinking just might be (at least mentally).  It's more fun than sitting behind a desk for sure, but whether or not it's lucrative is another story.  

Last night I was thinking about when Jeremy was born and how I only worked 4 days a week.  Those 4 days I busted my behind and worked as hard as I could to get the job done and stay on the bosses good side.  I've tried working for myself before but have never been very successful at it.  I don't know why I work harder for others but I think I do.  Not sure if this time in my life is any different than before but I'm going to give it a go anyways.  At least for the next few months.

Below is inside of the barn at the Alexander Majors House where last weeks event was.  It's even rumored to be haunted!  I planned on being inside since it was the end of July.  Even paid more it.  It ended up being a beautiful 75 degrees in Kansas City.  I couldn't believe it.  
Tomorrow I'm headed down the Gypsy Market Royale in the West Bottoms.  It's from 12-5.  If you are coming be sure to plan ahead.  The 12th Street bridge is closed so you will need to watch for detours!  Here are some pics from last time I did it...a year ago!  So much fun and the other vendors are the bees knees.   

It's Friday and I need to get busy going through albums and getting my goodies together.  Peace and love, Amy


  1. Take me to there! I wish I lived to something that cool. We have a farmers market everyone once in awhile where I live and a few flea markets but nothing as neat as this!

    xo Amber P.

  2. Dear lord, ignore the major spelling errors that just occurred in that comment haha.

    Amber P.