Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Faves: Knuckle Rings

4 Above the Knuckle Rings - gold thin shiny rings - set of 4 stack midi rings
Double layer wishbone/chevron knuckle ring - 2 sterling silver knuckle wire band.
Triangle Knuckle Ring -Layering Above the knuckle Gold Brass Stacking Ring
I'm eating my words once again.  I said many times long ago that the 80s and 90s were the worst ever in terms of fashion and I hoped they would never come back.  Since I've said that I've bought many a pair of dance pants (leggings), and still, not so secretly want a gold shiny pair.  No lie.  I've also had my eye on these over the knuckle rings for awhile.  I wore them in highschool and still like them.  So there you go. I can't get enough of the 80s and 90s right now.  I. love. it. all.  Minus big bangs and wings and aqua net.  I'm going to go hot roll my hair now.

If you like these little rings but would rather have real gold CatbirdNYC has a ton.   Happy Friday! Amy 


  1. I like the ones in the first pic. Speaking of the 80's and 90's - Everyday I still use the exact same pick I used in 5th grade when I had my perm and wings :D

  2. I remember these except I would get cheap ones from the 25 cent machine. I was a kid in the 90's so they could actually fit my fingers instead of just the top part lol. A lot of things I remember my mom wearing are now coming back in style.

    xo Amber P.