Saturday, September 1, 2012

Get yo vintage!

Sometimes in life things come to a head and you realize you may have too much on your plate.  That just happened to me.  I am a yes person, a people pleaser.  I always have been.  I tend to jump into things without really thinking about them.  For about 6 months I have had a side job.  I probably only spent about 10 hours a week doing for a while it was worth it.  A couple months ago I realized it was too much, but like a trooper I powered through it only to realize now that it was indeed too much.   So I came to the conclusion to let it go.  And it feels really good.

Another thing that feels really good?  Getting ready to for fall.  I am having a sale in both my shops.  Big Sale.  I have a ton of fall and winter stuff I am ready to get posted, but first, I need to clear out the summer stuff! If you have any questions on shipping email me, especially for multiple items and overseas shipping.  For overseas shipping I can usually offer cheaper rates once I know where it's going and how much is being shipped.  You can email me at  
Wanderland Records

Use code WANDERLAND50 for either shop for your 50% discount!  Sale ends Thursday September 6th.  Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend.  We are headed to my sister in law's for their last pool party of the season.  The forecast is looking good.  100% chance of rain.  


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