Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

A few goodies from an outing last week...
Floral (towel fabric) curtains and squirrel sprinklers. Yes squirrel sprinklers! How could I pass them up? I envision a little spray paint first.  They were $2 a piece.
I think they are pretty amazing. 
 A big chunky sweater.  They had all their sweaters half off, so although I didn't need another...I couldn't pass it up.
 A Diane Von Furstenberg embroidered carpet bag.  
Some more floral curtains.  I was thinking they might make a great maxi skirt.
I usually avoid new(ish) things, but I couldn't pass up these kicks.  They are practically brand new.

What good things did you find, or maybe I should ask...what found you?


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  1. Those squirrel sprinklers are so flippin adorable! And those floral drapes are amazing!!! I'm still dying over all the awesomeness that was in your basement. I seriously dreamt about it the other night :D

  2. that sweater! if i can imagine any of the 'golden girls' wearing a piece with class then i am all "get in my cart!" =) great finds, amy.

  3. Those floral curtains are beautiful! I think I have some similar. I can't pass up any old curtains for some reason.

  4. The squirrel sprinklers are hilarious!
    Something else I will have to add to my treasure hunting list.

  5. Gorgeous colours in the vintage fabric, maxi skirt will be beautiful!

  6. Oh my gosh the squirrels!! Those are some awesome finds for sure. Ugh I just need to go thrifting soon I keep seeing all these great finds.

    xo Amber P.

  7. All great finds! But, those little squirrels are so awesome! Thank you for sharing with us at TTF this week! Have a great day.

  8. Fab finds! I totally want those squirrel sprinklers!