Saturday, May 26, 2012

K is for Kindergarten

1. What was your favorite thing about kindergarten?  Handwriting, free choice: play ninjago with bugs.
2. What was your favorite special? computer because you learn a lot
3. What was your favorite lunch?  hot dogs and smokies
4. What was your favorite sport? baseball because I am really worn out.
5. What is your best memory for the school year? aftercare.  me: really?  him: yeah I love it.
6. What do you love about it?  We get to go outside 3 times and we get to have free choice.
7. What fun games did your learn?  zombies
8. What about recess? I like playing cody z.  What's that?  It's when you like run really fast and whoever beats the race wins and whoever gets the beyblades shoots them out.
9. What was your favorite project?  Building art.
10.  What kind of things did you learn about?  calendar, and counting numbers all the way to 163, doing library and going to the book fair and getting that big Star Wars book for about $20.
11. What was your favorite field trip?  When I went to the park and I had a picnic at that park, and when I went to Charlottes Web and when I went to the pumpkin patch.
12. What are you looking forward to next year? Listening and doing handwriting.
13. What are you excited about this summer?  Staying home every Friday. 

Some of my fave moments from the year.

that's my boy soaking up the heat first thing in the morning.  He did this every morning during the winter months.

He caught the only "keeper".  Grandpa fileted it, and I fried it.  Of course their was only enough for him...but totally worth it.

We had a pretty big year.  Probably one of the busiest years of my adult life.  We did basketball, soccer, and baseball.  Ironically, basketball was your least favorite.  My only requirement: that you touch the ball during the game.  You made me incredibly proud.  I am amazed at how much you have improved at soccer.  

My favorite moments
1. the soccer practice you got your drop kick down and scored a goal on the other team...from yourgoalie box.
2.  the soccer game I got to late and the pride on your face for doing so good.  You played the other kindergarten team so it was a pretty big deal.  You blocked so many goals that almost every parent made a comment to me after the game about how good you did.  (chest swelling)
3.  watching you draw for hours upon hours.
4.  when you learned how to tie your own shoes.
5.  watching you swing.
6.  when you realized the tooth fairy gave you your own dollar.  (roops)

The Kindergarten class of 2012.  I am amazed at the wonderful things 5 and 6 year olds can do.  Truly amazed.

You made mama proud.  


  1. We just finished Kindergarten too, it went so fast!!!

  2. What a sweetheart. He seems like such a good kid too.

  3. I cannot believe it!!! I will always remember him as a little bitty baby in his teddy bear costume :) I'm blown away with everything he did this year!!! I love you and CANNOT wait to see you guys!

  4. Gorgeous photos! How fast time goes!!

  5. So proud of how far you came in Kindergarten, Jeremy! I will miss having you in my class. -Miss Baxter :)