Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner

Remember the giveaway I did for sneakpeeq?  Sorry it's taken me so long to post this...but we have a winner!

Congrats Rachel Land.  Your giftcard will be put in your Sneakpeeq account!  

Life has gotten unbelievably crazy.  Between jobs, kids, sports, and remembering to put on deodarant, I have gotten behind on just about everything.  It's no big deal that my house is on the market and filthy right?  I am trying to show off the fact that my dining room table is the perfect spot to fold laundry...and that 13 pairs of shoes look nice in front of the tv.  It's ambiance. 

Hope everyone is having a super week.  Will try to get back to the norm after this week.

xoxo, Amy


  1. "It's ambiance"

    LOL! Totally. Now, I kept trying to enter that giveaway, but the link never worked. Too bad. :P

  2. Hurray! I did a double take on my RSS feed :D