Saturday, April 7, 2012

Put the needle on the record

Almost 8 years ago my husband lost his best friend to cancer.  His name was Steve DeVore.  Steve was the ultimate thrifter, and borderline hoarder (a kindred spirit).  He was a great guy and had a little chihuahua named Pal.  Steve collected records...lots of records. He also collected dishes, pyrex, and of course little knick knacks.  We had a ton of fun "willy willy'in" (his term for thrifting).  We watched a lot of Young and the Restless together and did a ton of thrifting.   When he passed away he not only left us his beloved dishes but he also left us his record collection.  He knew we would be the only ones who would really appreciate them.  He always wanted to get into the business of selling them but chemotherapy does a number on ones strength, and he had already battled this cancer once before.  We are finally going to fulfill his lifelong dream and start selling them one by one...just like he always wanted...of course keeping our favorites as we go.

About a month ago my husband went out to our storage locker and grabbed 4 of these peach crates.  I can't believe that each one is full of nothing but The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin.  It's been a little overwhelming just thumbing through them...and the thought of more makes my head spin.  But I am excited to start getting some listed.  

 Here are some of my favorite covers and albums so far:
 I love the picture albums.  It reminds me of my Strawberry Shortcake record when I was little.

 I have always loved this record! 

Leave it to Hendrix to have a cornucopia of naked ladies.  

I have been working on Etsy banners and can't decide which one to use.  I was hoping you guys could help me choose which one. 

Posting this makes me miss Steve even more right now, I can still hear him laugh.  He will always be my favorite thrifting buddy.  One of these days I will share his favorite dinner..."secret family recipe".   Let me know which banner you like!  I hope the Easter Bunny leaves you all donuts...and reese's peanut butter eggs.


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  1. amy, i am so sorry to hear about your loss of a great person from your life. but it sounds as though you are honouring his memory in a way that would make him happy, so good for you.

    as for the banner, i really like that second one. the others are cute but sort of limit my imagination as to what may be available. the shot of just albums gives me the thrill of uncovering a possible gem in a thrift store pile.

    hope that helps! {and makes sense! ;)}

  2. He sounded like such an amazing guy. I'm so sorry that he can't still be there. Wow, that record collection - wow. I like the second banner best. I think it's perfect and is kind of modern but vintage all at once.

  3. Holy. Cow. What a collection. Sounds like Steve was a hoot :) I like the 1st and 3rd the bestest!

  4. Wow, what a collection! Your friend, God rest him, had great taste in music. Best of luck with the reselling. I'll be checking out your shop for sure. And I really like the 3rd banner.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  5. Steve sounds like a brilliant guy! It's amazing that you guys are going to set up the little record store that he never had chance too - good on you! I'll be swinging by your Etsy store to take a peek :-) On that note I think the 3rd banner is my favourite, love the lettering!

    Jem xXx

  6. These are wonderful. The first banner is my favorite. Good Luck.

  7. Totally agree with Shelley! I like 1 the best and 3 second best!

  8. I like #2 and #3 the best. Having trouble seeing the font on #4.

  9. Amy, he sounded like an amazing guy! That record collection is just awesome and I think he did give it to the right people! Wow I love those album covers...I am such a huge Beatles fan.
    The banners for the store all look great. I too like #1 and #3 the most.
    And...I love your blog banner as well!

  10. Those look like they're in great shape and this guy must have had great taste... all those fabulous records!! The Stones ones especially are killing me. I like the first and the third banner best, but they all look neat. Luck to you in finding some of those titles new homes!

  11. I like the 3rd banner in green! That's so cool that your going to sell them for him and that he wanted you guys to have his stuff. I know I'd want all my thrifted treasures to go to someone I knew would appreciate it too.