Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Big J!

6 years ago today my life changed in ways I had never imagined.  I don't think anyone is truly ever prepared for becoming a mother.  In one instant...your life is changed forever. 
he didn't even cry when he was born.  He just stretched he had been longing for some space.

Daddy was soooo proud.

but I was in heaven.

Now those first two little teeth...are missing.

and then you got big.
and bigger.

and now you talk back...and have your own opinion...and can tie your own shoes...and have a keen since of direction (you get that from me by the way).
you are the best big brother...and you badly want a little brother named Eli because you can spell it easily.

Since I don't scrapbook...or keep baby books (gasp), I decided to follow my beautiful cousins lead and do a little interview with the man of the hour.
  1. Favorite color?   Orange
  2. Favorite toy?   Lego Ninjago
  3. Favorite fruit?  Lemon
  4. Favorite TV show?  Ninjago
  5. Favorite breakfast?  Waffles and sausage
  6. Favorite lunch?  peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chips
  7. Favorite outfit?  t shirts and shorts
  8. Favorite game? Angry Birds
  9. Favorite snack? ice cream
  10. Favorite animal? snake
  11. Favorite songs?  Brass Monkey,  We found Love,  we blast the radio and go crazy after the drum beats, and "All I want is you" from the Juno Soundtrack...he sits in the back seat and strums his fingers on his air guitar.  He wants it played over and over the whole way home from school...which amounts to 7ish times...depending on red lights.
  12. Favorite book? Any Dr. Suess
  13. Favorite cereal? Frosted Flakes
  14. Favorite thing to do outside? Play star wars
  15. Favorite drink? Gatorade
  16. Favorite holiday? Christmas
  17. Favorite thing to take to bed?  lego ninjago (he takes one everywhere!)
  18. Who is your best friend? William
  19. What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? Pizza
  20. What do you want to be when you grow up? a Ninja  (his uncle Jeremy is probably crying right now, for his namesake is fulfilling his own lifelong dream)
  21. Who is your favorite mom?  Grandpa.  (Not necessarily the answer I was looking for) 
  22. How many teeth have you lost? 2
  23. Who is your favorite teacher?  Mrs. Scott- my "aut" (art) teacher
  24. What is your favorite class?  PE (that was mine too)
  25. What is your favorite sport? Baseball (keep in mind...he has never played...but is starting soon) 
  26. What is your favorite thing to do with mommy?  "I want to do something with Grandpa"  seriously with this kid?  He was a 9 pound 4 ounce baby and he picks Grandpa.
  27. Height 4 feet 2 inches tall
  28. Weight 65 pounds
You had some major mile stones this year; you started kindergarten, you scored your first goal in soccer, you played basketball, you ditched the trains for legos and drawing, you fell in love with riding your bike,  and you made new friends. You started to recognize when your mommy needs help and like a little man come to my rescue.  You "fill me up" and I am the luckiest mom in the whole wide world! 

xoxo, yo momma, fo reals.

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Peace out!


  1. My keyboard is soaking wet now! I love you so much Jeremy!!! And, that photo of you and Jeremy will always be one of my favorites :)

  2. D'awww (my official saying when something is so darn adorable)Happy Birthday to your little dude :) I don't know why but I oddly remember a lot more about when I was six compared to any other ages so make it memorable!!

    xo Amber P.

  3. Happy Birthday to him! It'll be cool to look back on his answers

  4. awww so sweet, what a handsome litle guy! happy birthday!