Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thrifting 101-Lesson #2 Shoes

Shoes shoes shoes!  Thinking outside or better yet...inside the (shoe) box. 

I have been thrifting for years and until recently never looked at shoes. I had these preconceived notions of grossness, and the chances of them having my size were slim to none (I wear a size 12...and before you go and judge my gigantor feet please keep in mind I am over 6 feet you can judge my giganticness in whole). 

Back to shoes.  I love them.  LOVE THEM.  My size is available at Nordstrom and Payless and that's pretty much it...with the exception of online.  It all started with wanting some loafers and oxfords.  I posted on them a while back, you can revisit it here and here.  One day I thought...why not look in the men's shoes?  

The selections are much smaller and neater, and I cannot tell you how many Allen Edmond'sDr. Martens and Bass shoes I see there.  All three are so on trend right now, but fairly expensive retail.  So at least scope it out for your men/man or yourself and do something fun with them!  

Like this:  add some fancy shoestrings.
These were $8.98.  I added lace shoestrings and lace to the heel.  When I get bored with them I'm thinking gold spray paint and glitter!

Spray Paint

 The possibilites are endless!

If you have children you have even more of a reason to look at kids shoes.  My kids can grow out of shoes in 3 months.  Even worse, they can tear up a pair of shoes in a matter of minutes given the right conditions.  These are some of the shoes I have found for my own stinkers this past year.  

 Seriously?  Could you ever pass up Minnetonka Mocassins?  

 Converse are great for boys and girls.  Those black ones will be washed and put away for my daughter.  

 I also bought tap shoes...I had a lapse in good judgement...but she sure does like them.

 I couldn't say no.  My son however had no problem saying "no way"!

Ice Skates

Bottom line:  Don't forget the shoes!  Have an idea of the style you are after.  It makes it less daunting and easier to scan the racks.  Look for the shape and style first and think outside the box.  I have yet to pay over $10 a pair.  Kids shoes are typically $2-$5.  If you need inspiration go to Pinterest.  Nuff said.

Happy Thrifting!
xoxo, Amy
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  1. Great idea! Im 6" and wear a 10 or 11, so I feel ya. We must chat about thrifting for the tall gal

  2. Great tips!! Even though I don't like feet(or items where other peoples feet have been) at all I have found some good heels at the thrift store. Plus some of the "tacky" heels don't look so bad when paired with something nice. And sometimes (at least at my Goodwill)they'll have brand new shoes from places like Target. I got a pair of black/cream oxford/scallop heels for $2 originally from Target, brand new, never worn.

    xo Amber P.

  3. It's official, I'm an idiot. I passed on a pair of Minnetonka Moccassins :( They were too small for Izzy and I kept telling myself I was silly to buy them for a baby we don't have on the way. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

  4. The other day while thrifting, a girl asked me "Do you buy used shoes? Like do you think its okay or gross?" and I told her "Of course, yeah I do. I always have". I wear a size 9 and alot of times I find the perfect shoes in cute sizes like 7's. Anyways, I've never really found it gross. I usually don't buy them too too worn though. I agree about the kid's stuff though. When I have kids, I am going to love thrifting even more since they grow so fast.

    P.S. I may buy used shoes, but I steer clear of the underwear section :p

  5. I would love to be able to buy men's sizes. My foot is too small. Men's shoes tend to run wider and I have a wide foot. It is also hard to find wide shoes. Payless has some and actually I can wear the girls sizes at Payless. They have more toe room and run wider.
    Cute ideas on the shoes. I have also done different color laces in my leopard shoes. I did not realize that BEE had done them on A/P until I was reviewing her blog one day.

  6. Looking at the men's shoes is such a great idea! I'm glad you found some and shared them with us. I love that you added your own touch to them too. Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!

  7. Such an awesome post! Thanks for the inclusion!

  8. I wear a 6, so those can be hard to find too. I swear, almost every time I go to GW (usually every Thursday, LOL) I find Born shoes on the racks. Not my size? That's OK, I have 2 co-workers that love when I find Born's in their size!!
    I got my DD a pair of leopard print Sofia Vegarra (I know I spelled that wrong--she's the diet pepsi gal with David Beckham) pumps with the high platforms and a pair of UGG sandals in my last two trips. Shoes are $3.99 a pair where I go =)

  9. I never thrifted shoes until about 2 years ago. With a four year old, you know that kids never have the time to wear out shoes so, I always check them out for her. I have found for myself, several great pairs of shoes and boots. Now, I always check out that area! I hope you have a great week!

  10. Congratulations! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award because your blog is great!
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