Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have been infatuated with oxfords lately.  I saw these months ago and have been trying to find something similar...these are Prada, and I'm quite certain make you feel like you are walking on rainbows and moonbeams or clouds or something.  I however, do not have $690 laying around the house to use on a pair of shoes.


I do have $10 to blow on these.  I found these and the ones in the previous post for a total of $13.  Like my daughter says "that makes mommy happy".  Both are leather, and FYI, both were found in the mens section.  These could use a could polish, when my husband comes out of time out I think I'll make him do it.  

I found my camera.  It was returned to me about a week ago and I couldn't believe it, but it was still charged.
I'm holding this clown responsible for it.  I know right.  A girl using her favorite Toy Story video tape as a necklace would never commit such a hanus crime.  Flava Flav!  

Thank you Amy over at A is for Ampersand for another feature in your awesome $5 Thrifty Thursday.  If you love thrift like I do, her blog will not disappoint.  And thank you to the Tattered Tag for adding me as their new neighbor.  I promise I won't have loud parties and leave beer cans on the lawn...or will I?  

I'll be back soon with a real designer score.  
Check out the "i like to party" tab to see where I linked up...and yes, I am still going to clean that page up.


  1. Mwah hahahaha!!! Why does she look so tall in this photo?! You know she's not allowed to grow up right?

  2. i lucked out and found a wonderful pair in yummy brown that are super comfy for around twenty. prada can keep their six hundred and seventy dollar rainbow!


  3. LOL, such a cute necklace ;)

    Those shoes are very very lust-worthy!

    xx Grace

  4. I'm obsessed with Oxfords but they are expensive. I know I'd wear them a lot so I'm hesitant to spend $20 if they're going to fall apart. I did make "faux" Oxfords out of tennis shoes and I love 'em and they're good enough for me until I have some money to toss at a fancy pair.


  5. These are fab too! I scored some loafers at thrift yesteday and I love them, but I really want oxfords!

  6. love the oxfords! $10 is insane. Your girl is so cute. These tapes are vintage.


  7. Sounds like a steal! Well done! :) Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!!!