Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Posting

Doing a little DIY over at Smmidge today.  Getting my hot glue on!  Come check it out if you know what's good for you! 

 I am a little crankypants.  Started a cleanse that requires me to give up caffeine for 16 days.  I give myself until the weekend before I snap.  I almost drop kicked a co-worker who was flaunting his soda.  Thinking this whole cleanse thing was a pretty stupid idea.  After the first day I gained a pound.  WTF?  Who gains weight on a cleanse?

Click here to see what I had for breakfast.   I want a cup of coffee followed by a diet coke. Mmmm, coffee.

Peace out,  Amy


  1. Ok, Sammy is freaking adorable! Love that headdress :D and, I have no idea what you put in your stomach this morning but it looks horrible, hahaha!!

  2. I gave up soda 8 days ago and it's been hard watching coworkers drink Dr.Pepper. It's gotten better though and I feel better. Thanks for your comment on my College Drop-out post. It was one of my favorites :)