Saturday, January 14, 2012

Girls Night Out

Yup, girls night out and I had to swing into the thrift store for quick minute.  It was on the way to the bar, and I was ALONE!  It's been a long week.  My friend who works there could see it on my face.  She has 4 kids and knows mine fairly well.  She reminded me to soak up the quietness and enjoy my time.  I did. 

Bedtime at my house has been a nightmare.  My kids are nightowls and some nights it's 10:00 (or later) before they finally give in and fall asleep.  

Secretly, I went with the hopes that my husband would get the kids to bed and I would just come home instead.  He did.  My daughter was asleep by 7, my son by 8.  Seriously?  Beyond unfair.  You mothers understand.  We struggle every night and our husbands swoop in and the kids finally behave when we aren't there.  Not even right.  I went out girls are good for the soul and I needed a break....and a beer...and a shot...and another beer.

I did score a few super finds though before I made my way out!

 3 Betsey Johnson sweaters for my littlest nightowl and biggest stinker!  $4 a piece!
 a little handknit cardi and a sweatshirt for her as well.  I don't think her behavior warrants any new clothes...but I couldn't resist.
 a prairie style dress for me...because I reward my own bad behavior.

 This picture doesn't do this 80s shirt justice.  It really is super cute.

 that collar goes around to the back  (think sailor style).
A great Saturday night.  A pieceful thrifting visit, some much needed cocktails...and home before 10 to watch a movie with my love.  

xoxo, Amy


  1. Oh goodness gracious you've been lucky with your finds. Love all the cardigans. Also love the name of your blog and the banner. And talking about bedtime I better get ready to put our six-month-old to bed.

  2. They're all gorgeous! What a score on the betsey johnson pieces.

  3. The Johnson pieces are super cute and I think you picked up some really cool pieces for you as well. Hope you had a fab night out.

  4. Those sweaters are great! I'm so happy for you that you found them! Is that weird? hah. Your daughter better love you. She's gonna be the coolest kid ever.

  5. I used to have a navy dress similar to that red one. I loved it and wore it until it faded out. You did score at the thrift store for sure.
    While I don't have kids, I have 3 dogs and they pay more attention to my husband. I and try to get them to do something and he comes in and repeats the same command and then just jump to do it. Frustrating.

  6. wow you scored so well with the thrifty finds! I like the cute cardis especially! Looks like you should hang out more often so that the kids can sleep early :-)


  7. Ah! So many great finds! The last two are precious

  8. Love that dress girl! dang you find all the good stuff! thanks for linking up!

    Meet Virginia

  9. I can totally relate to this post! It seems like every night when my husband comes home, things are crazy and the house is a mess. When he keeps the kids? I come home to a clean house and a good meal. WTF?

  10. Well, that just sounded like a perfect evening! Love all the clothes you thrifted! The BJ pieces are so adorable and such a great price! I would have snatched them up for my little girl in a heartbeat too! Thank you for joining TTF and have a great week!