Saturday, December 3, 2011

Help a sister out!

Remember the post I did on the DIY grown up friendship?  There is a contest going on for great frugal DIY Christmas gifts over at the Money Saving Queen and the prize is an $1100 diamond!  The winner is determined by the post who has the most comments.  She is featuring one post daily until Christmas and my post is there today!

It's not really a vote per say...but a comment.  That's it,  and this lamp (referencing Steve Martin from The Jerk), and that's all I need.  No, really, this is a chance for me to win a DIAMOND!

So go visit the 25 Days of Frugal Christmas Gifts and leave a comment under my frugal gift post.  You can even do it anonymously if you want.   Ok, go now, please, with sugar and green sparkles on top!

Tweet it, facebook it, I will love you forever!  If I win I will show you my beautiful diamond and gift you a great big hug...and make you cookies.


  1. Just left a comment (I'm one of the anonymous ones...forgot to sign my name!).
    I didn't realize this was your project! I pinned it 6 months ago!!!