Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 8-The last item I purchased

I found these two gems at Anthropologie yesterday.  I went in there looking for a planner.
I found the cords in navy!  I am on Anthro's list so they send me a birthday discount every year.  I threw mine away after it expired (end of September) since I never used it.  When I got to the checkout I asked the lady nicely if they honor them after the expiration date.  They happily looked up my name in the computer and took off 15% of my total purchase.  Don't ever be afraid to ask...stores like Nordstrom and Anthropologie are notorious for wonderful customer service.  They treat their customers like gold.  I ended up getting both pairs that once were $128 each, for a total of $82.  And these pants are quality, they will last for years.  I am pretty excited since pants are hard to find for me.  And, no I did not buy a planner.

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  1. I love corduroy pants and people always pick on them on TV and stuff. They're warm and I like the texture, so sue me.