Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days Hath November What I love about my Job

I've held down a variety of jobs through highschool and college, some make momma proud, some maybe not so much.  Babysitting, Taco Tico, Taco Bell (I like mexican food), waiting tables at a variety of restaurants,  selling cars, selling candles out of my trunk, selling marketing for people with patents, and my current job...still selling.   

I am used to totally inappropriate behavior and currently work for a real professional establishment, a no shenanigans type of place.  So these new pranks I am not used to.  I came back from lunch the other day and every item on my desk was taped down.  EVERYTHING.  The change, my earrings (I'm on the phone all day), my phone, my mouse, my ruler, my pen, my notepad...and more.  Here is a glimpse of the nice things that happen to me.

see all those pennies?  There were hundreds taped to my desk.

The sleeves on my sweater were tied with embroidery thread...that matched my sweater.  They love me, they really really, love me.  What do you enjoy about your job?


  1. haha that's so funny. At least you work with people with a sense of humor! I work at a pet store so I like getting to see all the different kinds of dogs and animals pple bring in like pet alligators, opossums, piglets, raccoons, skunks, ect.


  2. So funny! I work from home, so I love getting up whenever I want and working in my yoga pants :)