Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days Hath November

Has anyone seen this?  The 30 day hath November challenge. Unfortunately for me today was the self portrait.  I am keepin' it real.  I called in sick to work,  got the kiddos off to school, then I went back to sleep until noon.  And then napped off and on until I had to pick them up.   I have been fighting a killer sinus infection for two weeks and couldn't take it any longer.
1st day down, 29 to go.  Come join the fun at SoFawned.


  1. haha I need to do this challenge. I tried doing my first "what i wore today" post today and it was an epic fail. I still need alot of camera practice :p
    Hope you get better soon!


  2. I love this pic and how your blog looks - all three of you ladies are gorgeous :D