Monday, October 31, 2011

Sugar high...check.

I have to pretty much strap this one down to get a pic.  Mickey Mouse, minus the hat, which is lost...for the second time.  We lost it the first time around when my son wore this costume.  It turned up at my mom's work the next day.  Here we are two years later and it's lost again.

see, they won't stand still long enough to get a photo.

 Unless you're being held down by your extra large, extra strong father.

they hit up this house 3 times.  It's their grandparents.  This neighborhood gives out king size candy bars.  Needless to say we drive over there for the festivities.  The two lucky trick or treaters we had got about a 1/2 bag of candy a piece (as in those extra large bags).  That's the benefits of being the sole trick or treaters in our hood.

Now onto the annual adult Halloween party...these are the pics that made the cut.
 the ghostbuster was my favorite costume of the night.  Plus the girl is crafty and made it herself, which automatically gets bonus points in my book.  Plus #2, she has an etsy shop and makes awesome stuff with her husband like this.  I want it badly.  Onto the Halloween debauchery...
The one on the right always has the best costumes.  She prepares...she takes time to perfect her outfit.  The one on the left throws crap together last minute, sends her kids to the grandparents house and takes a 30 minute nap.
 and then there are always THESE know who you are.  But I do love these girls, because they are my girls!  My weekend at the lake girls, my always a good time girls.  Love them!  

 And then there is this girl.  One of my very best girls.  She would murder me if she knew I put this on here, but lucky for me, she doesn't read this!  This is the kind of friend who will make you pee your pants in public from laughing so hard.  And than pee a little more because you cannot stop laughing.  That girl.  I love that girl!  Hope your Halloween was pee your pants kind of fun too!


  1. I love the blog design! Glad you had a fun Halloween with your friends :)


  2. The stash pic is by far my favorite. And WTF, if I knew your parent's neighborhood were handing out full sizers I would have made the trip up!