Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My baby turns 3...

My baby turned 3 on the 9th.  She doesn't call it her birthday.  It's her "Happy Birthday".  And this is how it sounds coming out of her mouth "it my AAAPppy Birthday Maw Maw".  That's her new name for me.  Or, same name, different pronunciation.  All she wanted for her birthday was "prinkles" (as she put her hand out mimicking putting sprinkles on something). 
 Sammy you are as independent as ever. If I threw you the keys to the car you would grab your "umbellllla" and your "batpack" and maybe your "lunchbox" and head for the drivers seat.  Your favorite place to go is the grocery store.  It's also your favorite place to have a meltdown if I don't buy you your desired "tandy".  You went to the mall for a girls day with me and Grandma and when speaking of your big day out, you refer to shopping at the mall as "we ent to da goshery sto". You dress how you want.  Today you wore a mexican style embroidered shirt 5 sizes too big, a red plaid skirt (also embroidered), a white with yellow cherries short sleeve hoodie and your sandals.  You will wear dressy dresses with your nike hightops, and love to wear your "pincess cown".  You like ice packs and "band babes", even if you aren't really hurt...and have been know to wear them smackdab in the middle of your forehead for days on end for no apparent all. You get into my makeup no matter where or how high I hide it.
Even though you are as stubborn as your father and strong as an ox you are still my precious little angel.  You wake up every morning full of sunshine and happiness.  I love you bigger than "outer pace".  You are my superstar and you will do very big things someday. 

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Happy Birthday to my sweet little angel.  MUAH! Momma lubs you.  

My birthday is tomorrow...I have been setting some goals and contemplating whether or not to share them.   I always feel weird (it's probably fear) sharing my own goals, but love reading everyone elses.  When I think I am getting old I just remind myself that Julia Child starting cooking when she turned 37.  So I still got a shot!


  1. Oh my God I love her so much it hurts!!!!! We're wanting to come up and see you guys soon, so I'll be sending you an email to see when we can "pop ova" as Izzy calls it.

    Happy Late Birthday to you Sammy, and Happy Birthday to you MawMaw!!! Muah :D