Saturday, July 9, 2011

Das Booty

Here is a little sneak peek at this weeks goodies. I think I am going to have to take a little break from thrifting...I have weeks worth of Etsy updating and I have told myself numerous times to cool it, until I get caught up...but really who am I kidding. There is a Catholic Charities a couple blocks from my work and I can be there in the time it takes me to eat my PB and J.
Without further ado...this weeks treasures.
This vintage hamper is too cute.
 I love that it still has this original little tag.
see the pattern in the vinyl?  Adore!
 And I have the perfect little spot for it next to our gigantic bathroom...that we all share.  I am certainly going to miss the old hamper know, the floor, the dining room table and chairs, the laundry shoot (which means throwing dirty clothes down the stairs for me to pick up later)....ahhh.
 a big (like 7 ft. big) cotton and lace tablecoth, another vintage sheet (because one can never have too many) and nylon gloves!  Swooooon.
 this cute dress...
 with little spades and a ruffled neck and cuffs.
 a leather clutch.  Because like vintage sheets, one cannot have too many leather clutches.
 a plaid skirt for the stinker.
 and this cute little jumper for her (praying that she is not too long for it!)
 Yarn was 50 cents for 3 balls (balls). Too bad i don't have one of these...
Tote Bag
from here
Sorry, couldn't resist.
 a cameo!  
 And it's a locket!
 this ring, there was probably a stone in it, but I like the style and the price was right.
and last but not least this little treasure.  Happy Sunday ya'll.  
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  1. ooh my gosh, love the ballsack!! too funny. Dave used to get called 'ballsack' at school. along with girl crack, bum crack, fur sack and so on. it rhymes with our last name, since we have been married ive gotten beetleshack and beer smack. excellent ;)

    xo em

  2. oh my gosh!! you found some awesome stuff!! i am so jealous of your cameo!! want it so bad! i also like the ball sack haha way funny! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!!

  3. so many great finds! My favorites are the hamper, clutch and dress.


  4. oh maaaaan amazing finds again! looooving that ring. and that hamper. great haul!

  5. I love the vinyl hamper and the ring! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Love all your finds! that vintage hamper is such a fun treasure! As is all your goodies! That last necklace (gold with tassels) was from Avon circa 1984-1986-ish. I have one I bought new at the time and I still wear it! thanks for joining TTF and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love the hamper! My Gramma had one in avocado green. so cool! The yarn is wonderful but the bag is to die for. LOL!!!! And one can never have too many vintage sheets. I know this for a fact!!!!

  8. That hamper is the cutest and I especially love the dress such a cute pattern.

    E :)

  9. That hamper does bring back memories. That is one large tablecloth - perfect! The colors of yarn you found are so pretty.

    I know all about having a thrift close to work....makes those lunch hours so much more interesting!

  10. That hamper is just divine. Absolutely love it.

  11. I am backlogged on etsy too...always!

  12. I believe the ring was sold by Avon, back in the 80's? I have one and it did have a little bling in the middle.

  13. Great finds!!
    Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!! I would love it if you joined me again tomorrow! :)

  14. You found some fantabulous treasures!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  15. hahahahaahh this made me giggle.

    I'm digging your blog! I found you through blogging world wide. Will be back :)

    x krystie