Monday, May 9, 2011

I couldn't help myself

Gotta a case of the Monday Blues?  Put your spandex on and shake your money makers.

Leslie and the Lys are a fave. Just saw this new one.  If you are new to this awesomeness...she is known for her affinity to Gem Sweaters and spandex.  Need I say more?

Another one.

And the cu de gra...

Your welcome.  Now you understand why Will Ferrell is dreamy to me.


  1. First, I love Leslie and the Lys. I sometimes refer to my kids as "Junior Gems".

    Second, Anchorman might be my favorite movie ever--and the only cure for my fever is more cowbell.

    Finally, thanks for turning me on to Made This/Love This. I'm making my t-shirt scarf tomorrow...

    You have a great site...thanks!

  2. LOL love

  3. Bwahh hahaha!!! I don't know how I missed this post! It's Lady Gaga meets Napoleon Dynamite perfection!!!

    And, just saw that you now have a button! Gonna have ta snap me up one quick, fast, and in a hurray :D

  4. This is hilariously awesomesauce! Step Brothers is one of my favorite movies. Sad because I can pretty much quote the whole movie. Anything Will Ferrell does is hilarious, except for Stranger than Fiction. :)