Saturday, March 12, 2011

"One doodle that can't be undid...homeskillet"

What on earth was I thinking?  A loooong time ago I painted my beautiful dining room table and chairs cream.  It was magical, they were beautiful, I didn't protect it.  Several years, hundreds of crafts projects, and two kids later it looked like this....

Every time I look at it, it makes me ill, I hate it, it's past the point of no return.  The whole time I was scraping the paint off with my handy heat gun this quote from Juno kept going through my head.  If you haven't seen Juno there is a video clip of the scene here.  The quality is terrible but it's one of my favorites from the movie.  

This is what I did ALL day Friday, while the monsters enjoyed the sunshine.

See that disgusting porch?  Another WIP.  We started on it last year, again with the heat gun.  Since I have lived in this house it's been, gray, green, blue, yellow, and beige (and this is only what I remember), and now we are scraping off years of paint. 

Table is almost sanded, and the chairs are taunting me.  I made the smart move of going to open gym last night to play volleyball for 2 hours.  I was hurting so bad I had sit out the last game.  I called myself a few names.  Hopefully in the near future I can post the finished product...and hopefully I will finish. 

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