Thursday, October 8, 2015

We Work- My Home Office

A company called We Work got me thinking about sharing my office space.  I work from home the majority of time. It's not for everyone but for me it works great. This room however is not typically very organized.  The clothes rack is usually completely full and on any given day there could be records covering the floor along with markers, posters, or whatever project my kids have decided to get into.  

I always say we can't have nice things and it's kind of true.  My kids are young, I'm not a super housekeeper, and we are BUSY.  So when it comes to furnishings I don't like to spend much.  Almost everything in this room was bought on the cheap.

As you can see there is still work to do in here.  I need to remove the old window hardware and actually get some curtains.  Some real curtains...not shawls.  But, for now it works for me.  

Here is a breakdown of just much you can do on a limited budget:
Peach Chair- Free (can you believe it?)
White Tables- $20 and $40 (Macy's store that was going out of business) + paint
Hutch- $10-thrift + paint
Bookshelf- $5-thrift + paint
Glass end table-$15 (Macy's)
Rug- $85 (estate sale via friend)
Wire cart- $20 (garage sale)
Large double sided Mirror-$20 (Habitat Restore)
Hanging Lamp-Free (dumpster dive)
Filing Cabinet- Free
Rolling library cart-$30 Fleeting Flea
Gold Clothes Rack- ??  Nine Lives in Parkville, MO
Vintage mirror-$5 garage sale

I'm not sure how long this room will continue to be my "work space".  I don't think a formal living room really fits into our lifestyle. It would be nice to be able to shut a door when it gets messy. Even better I would love to have a creative shared space like the ones here.  For my day job I can literally work anywhere as long as I have WiFi, coffee, and a computer.  It's good to be around other creatives. Surround yourself with other creatives and like minded people and you will surely up your game.  

I have a couple other spaces in my home I "work" from.  I'll try to get my vintage stock closet and basement workroom on here in the next couple months.  I love looking into people's work space!  Go over to office space locations and check out all the cool work spaces near you!


  1. Hello, Amy! Such a lovely space you've made there. Very colorful. There's nothing worse than a drab and dull work space. It sucks out all of the creative juices and leaves little room for inspiration in my opinion.

    ~ Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

    1. Thank you Jackie! I agree. I already have enough things sucking my creative juices! Ha.

  2. Amy!!!!! I love it!!! Forget "real" curtains, the shawls look gorgeous! That rug is amazing too. Super jealous you have this huge space to yourself!

    1. The rug took some work to get. I caught my friend at a good time when she was willing to sell it! :)