Thursday, April 10, 2014

1960s baby

Our house was built in the 60's.  It has all the 60's details that I always imagined a great house to have, including wood paneling.  My husband, and probably 90% of the population would say to paint it. I just can't commit.  The only thing we've invested in is a great couch.  We still have lots of peaces to get, but we are moving slow.  While I honestly like the look and warmth of wood paneling I also like that it doesn't show dirt.  I know if I paint it my kids will mess it up and have it looking like crap in a week.  Maybe I'll paint when they move out.

What's everyones own opinion as far as wood paneling?

Here's some insipration photos.  Keep in mind our couch is there's that.  A cowhide rug will be up in the mix for sure.  I'd also like some antlers.  And a tv that doesn't have wheels.
I'm loving the light fixtures.  
I'm in love with this coffee table.  Right now, for me it's all about wood and fiber and textiles you can resist to touch.

Could you imagine?  Those windows!  

Today is the first day for the Fleeting Flea.  So excited.  Our booth is ready to go.  Sharing a big room with one of my favorite artists.  You can see her amazing stuff here.  I'll be back soon with some pics.


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  1. Wait until they move out. My walls are already getting SamJammed and we've only been here less than 3 months :( Plus, I think you can totally make the paneling look awesome as is.