Saturday, January 19, 2013

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I started wearing eyeglasses in 8th grade.  They were very Sally Jessie Raphael, it was the 80s you know.  I think my mom still has them somewhere.  I remember wanting to wear glasses so bad and kind of hoping I would fail the eye test.  When I did I was soooo excited to order glasses and I knew exactly what I wanted.  After all I wasn't awkard enough at 5'11 and weighing in about 120 pounds.  My flat chest, red hair and freckles made me uber popular with the I wanted some major stylish glasses to stand out. Right?

I wore contacts all through highschool and college because glasses were not cool at all then.  Plus, it was hard to play sports in them.  Fast forward a lot of years later and I am back in the glasses club.  I still wear contacts...but very rarely, only when I get dressed up or when I play basketball or volleyball (which is even more rare than me getting dressed up)!

I stopped going to the eye doctor regularly because glasses were too freaking expensive to buy every year and my prescription always changed.  I swear I was set up.  My mind would drift back 25 years ago and I would slap my 8th grade self for ever wishing this upon myself.  I'd secreted it all those years ago and it worked.

This year a lot of new companies starting popping up shattering the monopoly that has had a grip on us for so many years.  You can now order glasses online...and you can do it on the cheap!  I have never been so excited. has been kind enough to offer my readers 15% off your entire order, + free shipping on all orders over $50.  *See the discount codes below.  I've ordered eyeglasses online before and intend to do it again, and again.

I guess I really haven't changed much over the years. I still wear big thick framed glasses,  I still have some freckles, and I still like 80s and 90s rap.  Or course I'm still quite tall...but no longer 120 pounds and I actually miss all those freckles.

If you order glasses I want to see what you get so come back and link up in the comment section! These are my picks below.

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  1. Do you remember my clear pink ones from when I was in about 4th grade? Yeah... Still have them. I've always been jealous of how good you look in glasses :)


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  6. Nice glasses, I just got glasses after a life of envying my 2 sisters who had them since they were little. I know a little deranged wishing for poor vision...ha. Anyway I have a light prescription now and am loving shopping around for cool glasses.

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