Sunday, July 8, 2012

A week in photos

 A brass unicorn.  As much as I thought I needed a brass unicorn I passed this one up because it was higher than beer at a ballpark.  I'm not gonna lie, I will probably go back and see if they've marked it down...or if it sold.  Not too sure that many people out there would be interested in it.

What I did walk away with from thrift.

Making tags.  Going to do the Gypsy Market Royale on July 21st.  So if you are in the KC area come down and support local vendors.  It's in the parking lot of Genessee Royale Bistro across from the Golden OX in the West Bottoms.
Surprise firework show from my driveway.

went to Barnes and Noble over lunch hour
spotted this pretty journal. They have an owl journal that is beautiful too.
and this book.  A part of me really wants to move to the country...or country-ish.
Some inspiration.
My girl. Picking her up from school.
My son harldy lets me take pictures of him anymore.  He's a punk.
 dyeing a vintage slip (pictures to come).
Listing albums.

It's Monday tomorrow and I am not excited about it.  Mondays can suck it.



  1. Suck it real good... lol!!

    I love the cowboy boots on the wrong feet, I know a little girl just like that!

  2. I absolutely adore those pics of Sammy!!! And go you for setting up at the market! Wish I could be there!

  3. I must have the unicorn! Actually not but it seems crazy amazing lol. Looks like you got some great finds and had fun! Good luck at the Gypsy Market Royale :)

    xo Amber

  4. I used to have the KISS love gun album with the original paper "love gun" that came with AND an order sheet to join the kiss army fan club from 1977 but during one of our moments of purgin stuff and to prove to my husband that i didn't need "stuff", i let him get rid of it with some of his stuff too.

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  5. I need that unicorn in my magic garden.

    Manifest Vintage Brass Unicorn!

    mee moo

  6. That journal is beautiful!

    I would've bought the unicorn. It's hard for me to pass them up. I own about 7-10 thrifted unicorn things haha.
    I would've only paid up to 5 bucks for it though so yeah I'd wait too.