Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrifting 101- Around the Home

Almost everything in my home is found, thrift, or family hand me downs.  You can decorate on a budget.  Just think outside of the box, or outside of the "big box".  Although I look forward to the day when I have a space big enough for a comfy extra large L shaped couch...I prefer to have things with memories in my home, things that are one of a kind.  Here is snap shot into just a couple of my favorite spaces in my home.

The needlepoints are my Grandma's.  I have almost every single needle point she had in her little house and they make me smile every day.  The cart is handmade by my fabulous non-biological dad.  I seriously am blessed in the step-dad department.  Along with being an awesome Grandpa to my kids he happens to be a killer wood worker.  I bought the red hutch at an antique market years ago and it's never left my kitchen.  Almost everything on it is thrifted.
The kitchen table was my husbands Aunt Irene's.  It has two leafs I can't wait to put in and keep in when we have a bigger kitchen.  The yellow dresser in the back was mine when I was a little girl.  I am so glad I never repainted or got rid of it.  Think outside of the box.  You don't always have to use furniture intended for one room or another in that particular room.

This cabinet was found on the curb.  It needs redone badly but is a solid piece of furniture.
The little teacups and saucers were my Grandma's and everything else is vintage from thrift stores and estate sales.

Just a few of my thrifted cookbooks mixed in with some new, next to my beloved deer vase (also my Grandma's).  Old books are cheap and easy to acquire at garage sales and thrift stores. 
Part of my vintage thermos collection (all thrifted).  
Thrifted glasses and Hamm's drink tray.  The bottles on the left are Polly's soda pop.  They were my buddy Steve's (the same one that left us his record collection).

Lesson:  think unconvetionally, there is no risk when it's inexpensive.  Look at the bones of furniture.  Can it painted?  Does it serve a purpose?  

Thanks for taking a peek into my home.  Do you prefer decorating with new, old, or a mix?  I would love to see your fab deco on the cheap.  If you'd like to share leave a link in the comment section!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Wow, your kitchen is at least 4 times bigger than ours. I love our house, but the kitchen is way too small.

  2. Great advice!! I got a lot of my vintage stuff from home like my desk was a yard sale find from my grandparents in the 70's (but the desk is older) and my Siamese cat figurine was part of a set when I was child. Everything else like my coffee table, tv stand, dresser, mixing bowls and other decorations came from thrift stores and just need some tlc.

    xo Amber P.

  3. Love Amy Sedaris!

    sloan_gray @ yahoo dot com

  4. Lots of beautiful things - thanks for sharing them all!

  5. Your home looks amazing! I want all your thermos collection! I have a bit of one building up myself :)

    I'm definitely with you, the only new things in my house are the tv, laptop, and clothes rails! XO.

  6. That deer vase is just beautiful. Love your kitchen and how you've incorporated so many special pieces in it!

  7. Love this post! Your kitchen dressers are amazing! All of them!! I'd love a large kitchen with freestanding units and open shelves with a big table and doors opening onto the garden, maybe in our next house!! I can't believe you found that dresser on the curb, it's fab! I much prefer second hand things, more character, most of the stuff in our house is thrifted and I wouldn't change it even if we won the lottery! x

  8. Wow - such a beautiful home with amazing decor! Such a large kitchen, I'd love to decorate mine like yours, but ours is so tiny in our apartment.

    I like decorating with vintage, used items. My boyfriend is all about Ikea.. so we've got a mixture in the house. I can live with it.

  9. LOVE your cabinets! The red one and the Kerb-side one are just gorgeous! I love the KErb-side one without a makeover! So cool and rustic. The owl glasses are just gorgeous too :)

  10. Love this post! I definitely need to link up. I'm like you, everything in my home is thrifted or from garage sales. I love every thing in my house though and when people come over they just have so much to look at and interesting things that you don't see in everyone's homes. Your house is beautiful! I love your thermos collection. I have a pretty big collection of them too. I can't believe you found that cabinet on the curb! You lucky dog.

  11. Holy crap! I can't believe I missed the red hutch when I was there! You know I especially love all the things you have displayed from grandma. Her stuff will always make me smile :)

  12. So much style lusting going on over here... You are a thrift vixen, for sure! Beautiful armoire-- can't believe you found it on the curb! WHUT??


  13. My home is much decorated on thrift/hand me down too maybe I'll do a post like this of some of my faves one day. That curbside find, whoa! How great is that! Thanks for sharing your treasures at Cap Creations.

  14. Your red cupboard and white cupboard are amazing!

    When are the thrifting fairies going to leave something along the road like that for me?? ;)